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We are excited to present the Explore Earth Interactive Traveling Exhibit to our community on display in the library now through October 4th. Explore Earth is an exhibit touring one of 14 locations across the United States and we are the only Rhode Island location. The library is hosting programs related to Earth Science for children, teens, adults and families. Some programs require registration, so please ask a librarian how you can sign up! Events are free and open to all.

During our hosting of this exhibit, we will encounter a great deal more activity and people visiting the library. We thank you for your understanding if the library becomes extraordinarily busy and noisy at times.

Please Join Us at Our Open House Kick-off Event  on Wednesday, August 15th  at 6pm

Hands-on exhibit and free programs for kids, teens, and adults.

Explore Earth: Our Changing Planet is an interactive all ages exhibition that explores local earth science topics such as global ocean circulation, how water gets to your home, soil science, weather, and how changes in our local ecosystem impact the global environment.

August Events

Friday 10th 11-12:30pm          Making S’mores with a solar oven. Teens Ages 11 & up

Tuesday 14th 3-3:45pm          Global Ocean Circulation and climate change presented by URI. Ages 10 & up

Thursday 16th 6-7pm              Schmitty the Weather dog & Meteorologist Ron Trotta. All ages

Friday 17th 11-12pm                How does local pollution change the environment? National Park Service All ages

Monday 20th 3-4pm                Woonsocket Water Department. Adults: Get a water conservation kit. Kids learn & color

Monday 20th 3-4pm                STARNet make your own thermometer with Collin.  8 & up.

Tuesday 21st 3-3:45pm           Woonsocket’s Mike Debroisse Recycles How you can save the planet at home. All Ages

Wednesday 22nd3-4pm          What effect are we having on the ice caps? Brian Kampper Teens Ages 11 & up

Thursday 23rd 2-3pm             Audubon Society Everything is connected. Ages 6 & up

Friday 24th 3-4pm                   Make a Terrarium. Teens Ages 11 & up

Monday 27th 3-4pm                 STARNet Grandma’s Travels make your own volcano. Ages 8 & up

Wednesday 29th 6-7pm          Edible landscape trees, plants and weeds in your backyard. Adults 18 & up

Open House Kick-off for Teachers & Educators Thursday September 6th 3:30-5pm

Immediately after school, Teachers can tour the exhibit, book a class visit with the librarian and meet some of our science instructors who will be here for your upcoming school visit.

September Events

Wednesday 12th 3:30-5pm        Kids Fossil Program. Steve Emma Ages 6 & up

Wednesday 12th 6-7pm              Fossil Program. Steve Emma. Ages 18 & up

Thursday 13th 6-7pm                  All about Bees for kids & teens. Norman Peloquin. Ages 7 & up

Friday 14th  4-4:45pm                Identifying clouds using STARNet activity cards with ipads.  All ages

Saturday 22nd 1-2pm                 Beekeeping for adults. Norman Peloquin. Ages 18 & up

Friday 28th 3:30-4:30pm         Animal tracking and making footprint molds. National Park Service Ages 8 & up

Registration for all these programs begins August 1st.  Please ask a librarian how you can sign up!

Explore Earth: Our Changing Planet is a traveling exhibition for libraries. Explore Earth is part of the STAR Library Education Network (STAR_Net) led by the National Center for Interactive learning at the Space Science Institute. Exhibit partners include the American Library Association, The Lunar and Planetary Institute, and Afterschool Alliance. Explore earth is supported through a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Additional programs supported by the Friends of the Woonsocket Harris Public Library.